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Tarmac Renovation Services

For many years now tarmac has been laid to thousands of residential and commercial properties in Wolverhampton, Stourbridge and other parts of the West Midlands. It is very widely used as it is relatively inexpensive to lay compared to block paving or imprinted concrete. However tarmac is likely to deteriorate over time and some degree of maintenance is advisable to keep the tarmac in good condition. If the tarmac completely dries out, it will lose its elasticity and eventually cracks will appear on the surface. If this starts to happen, replacement of the tarmac has been the only option until recently.

Pressure Clean and Restore Tarmac Surfaces

We can pressure clean and restore tarmac surfaces to make them look like they have been recently laid. We use TarmaSeal, a new tarmac restorer from SmartSeal that can transform the look of 'tired' and faded looking tarmac. It is available in three colours (black, red and green) and can help you avoid the need to dig up your existing tarmac surface.

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