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How to easily clean your K-Rend render

Renders can make your house look absolutely fantastic, but they’re not just to cover old bricks.

An old property might have shabby walls that spoil the look of the entire house, so a quality render can make them look much better, but it can also solve problems such as damp or heat loss.

On exposed walls, water can penetrate the brick and over time cause all kinds of problems, but a quality render can solve this.

However, the render itself will need to be kept clean.

A render is usually a flat surface, so in a windy and damp environment, staining and algae can make it look sub-par.

So, how can you keep it looking at its best?

Well, the easiest way is with a power-wash with a suitable detergent (check with your supplier), but you need to be careful not to damage the render.

You can also get a fungicidal wash applied annually which will prevent algae from even growing, so cleaning is much easier.

And, of course, you can call JetWashSeal!

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