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Why more and more people are choosing imprinted concrete drives

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Imprinted concrete driveways are quite popular in the UK right now—for good reasons too. You probably have come across or heard about pattern imprinted concrete as a viable alternative for traditional paving materials.

If you are thinking about paving your driveway, there are some good reasons why you should seriously consider choosing imprinted concrete driveways:

1. Economical

Unlike other paving material, pattern imprinted concrete is generally cheaper to install and more economical over the long haul. You will get a driveway that lasts longer and requires less maintenance than most other paving materials, which can add up to big savings over the life of the concrete drive. This is one of the main reasons why more people are choosing imprinted concrete for their driveways.

2. Aesthetics

Pattern imprinted concrete drives offer a beautiful, luxurious look to match the style of your house or business. Although imprinted concrete is generally cheaper than more traditional paving material, you won’t have to sacrifice on aesthetics. You can choose from a range of stylish, permanent colours, patterns and textures to achieve a spectacular bespoke driveway.

The beauty of pattern imprinted concrete is its versatility. With imprinted concrete drives, you can opt for whatever pattern and texture you desire with very realistic-looking finishes. The finishes mirror the authentic look of tiles, cobbles, slate, stone or block paving without the cons of the genuine article.

3. Strength

Concrete drives offer fantastic strength and durability. Compared to traditional paving materials that are only as good as the ground underneath them, imprinted concrete is made of a special mix of reinforced concrete that ensures maximum strength and durability. Once your driveway has been installed, you will barely need to do anything else to keep it looking great.

A common complaint homeowners have is that standard paving blocks sink into the ground overtime, leaving a visually unappealing and uneven surface. This is something you won’t have to worry about. Your driveway will not sink, and it won’t rot or splinter either.

4. Installation

Imprinted drives generally take significantly less time to install than standard paving options. This is primarily because there is no laborious process of laying down bricks or stones on the surface, causing lengthy disruption when you just want to enjoy your driveway, walkways, patios or pool deck.

Installation of the drive is straightforward: a suitable sub-base is poured on the surface and a mix of concrete laid down over it. Your preferred driveway colour is applied, and a pattern imprinted while the concrete is still wet to create the desired look.

The people installing your driveway can cover a large area fairly quickly using imprinted concrete than with other paving material like blocks or stones. Block or stone paving requires individual stones are arranged in a predetermined pattern.

The relative ease of installation is reflected in the price of imprinted concrete. And it means you won’t have to use a narrow section of the driveway for weeks while the new driveway gets laid down.

5. Maintenance

Maintenance of imprinted concrete drives is easy because there are no joints or gaps where weed and plant growth can occur. Weeds usually find gaps in the pavement to shoot to the surface. You will probably have seen block or stone paving that has been overrun with patches of green appearing between the slabs in the driveway or patio. This can be quite unsightly and calls for constant weeding.

Because imprinted concrete is one solid surface, you won’t have to deal with this nuisance in your driveway. There will be no way for weeds or moss growth to muscle their way in between joints on your concrete drive. This means you will not need constant weed killing and driveway maintenance.

While properly installed concrete drives require minimal maintenance, they do require some attention and care to ensure they remain attractive to the eye and retain their longevity. A good maintenance plan for your drive includes getting it re-sealed, especially when cracks, dents or other flaws appear. This will protect it from further wear and abrasion, and bring it back to its initial glory.

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