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3rd July 2018

Window Cleaning In the Sun – 3 easy tips

You may have noticed that professional window cleaners mostly now use a pole system to clean windows. These specialist systems use purified water and a special […]
17th May 2018

Do I need a window cleaner?

When I lived in my first house over 25 years ago, the thought of doing something as grown up as actually getting a window cleaner was […]
9th April 2018
easter window cleaning

Interior Window Cleaning a Problem This Easter? We’ve Got You Covered!

When you’ve got kids running around the house more, especially during holiday times, keeping your windows sparkling clean can be a problem. Easter seems to be […]
13th February 2018
pure water window clieaning

Can You Clean Windows If It’s Raining?

All weather cleaning The question may appear counter-intuitive, but the answer is a very straightforward yes. Technological advancements are universal and therefore applicable to the serious […]
29th January 2018
cleaning windows

5 Easy ways to make your windows shine

Clean windows are more important than you think. Just like the most beautiful outfit fails to impress if you wear dirty shoes, so do dirty windows […]
16th January 2018
window cleaners ladders

Why window cleaners don’t use ladders anymore

For countless years window cleaners clambered up their ladders to bring a shine to the nation’s glass. However, they were never a safe option, with around […]
12th January 2018
Wolverhampton Jet Wash Seal clean Driveway-Window cleaning services

Driveway & Window cleaning services

Jet Wash Seal clean Driveway & Window cleaning services are the helping hand for Wolverhampton’s elderly   Getting older is no joke if you own your own […]
11th January 2018
Dealing with the aftermath of extreme weather in the West Midlands

Exterior Cleaning Specialists Jet Wash Seal West Midlands

Exterior cleaning specialists Dealing with the aftermath of extreme weather in the West Midlands There is no escaping it… 2018 got off to a particularly stormy […]
3rd January 2018
sold house

How clean windows can help you sell your home

Preparing to move home can be one of the most stressful situations any of us has to go through. Minimising that stress should start as soon […]
21st December 2017
window cleaners detergent

Why window cleaners don’t use detergent anymore when cleaning windows

The traditional window cleaning method involves the use of water and detergent with an applicator, and a squeegee is used to remove the water, detergent, and […]
4th December 2017
window cleaning wolverhampton home clean Father Christmas

Is your home clean 2017 enough for Father Christmas?

Christmas 2017 is coming and all year Father Christmas has been getting ready. The big question though is, are you ready? Okay, you are ready, the […]
12th November 2017
Wolverhampton-homeowners-window cleaning-window cleaning service-window cleaner-window cleaners- window cleaning system

Wolverhampton Window Cleaner A Shining Example

Jet Wash Seal, a Wolverhampton-based window cleaning service, is a shining example of best practice when it comes to keeping windows squeaky clean. As well as […]
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