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How clean windows can help you sell your home

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Preparing to move home can be one of the most stressful situations any of us has to go through.

Minimising that stress should start as soon as you decide to put your home on the market. The greater the number of lookers who come and go, the more the anxiety increases each time a prospective buyer turns up at the door.

So how do you give your home that ‘must-buy’ appeal to those early visitors who come to view?

Your house exterior is as important as the interior:

Rightly or wrongly, we all know that first impressions count. In the property market that means ‘kerb appeal.’

By the time they pull up outside your house and walk to the front door, most prospective buyers will have already made a sub-conscious decision whether they are interested in buying or not.

Making the exterior of your home as appealing as possible will greatly increase the chance of a sale.

A little effort can reap big benefits:

Spending a little time and effort getting the outside of your property up to scratch will not only help sell it faster, but increase its value far beyond the few quid you need to spend.

Start at the top and work down. Check the roof for slipped or missing tiles or slates, and chimney flashings and valleys for damage.

If you live in an old property and the roof is covered with accumulated moss and debris, getting it professionally cleaned by jet washing is well worth considering.

Blocked and damaged gutters and downpipes can cause major problems, and at the very least look unsightly. Make sure your gutters are working properly and look presentable.

Give the outside of the gutters, downpipes, fascias, soffits, and bargeboards a good clean if they are plastic, or a lick of paint if wood. Window and door frames also should receive some tender loving care.

uPVC frames should be washed down and wooden ones have given a fresh coat of paint. Check window sills, especially if brick or concrete and repair and repaint if necessary. And finally – little things mean a lot.

Clean the Windows:

It’s surprising after all that effort, how many think a quick wipe over of the windows with a damp cloth and it’s job done. It isn’t.

Having your home’s windows properly cleaned can make or break the overall appearance of your property’s exterior.

With the excellent cleaning aids on the market today, freshly cleaned windows will shine and sparkle in the sunlight. Not only do they provide the piece de resistance of an attractive and welcoming exterior, but allow the maximum level of natural light into the home’s interior.

Bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, and kitchens all take on a natural hue of their own. Their visual appeal is increased.

And prospective buyers see things in a whole new light.

If you’re considering selling your house, minimise those early anxiety attacks by ensuring your home’s exterior is as buyer friendly as you can make it, with glistening paintwork, and gleaming windows.

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