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How Wolverhampton homeowners can stay safe this winter

homeowners beware

stay safe this winter

Every year around 3,000 people in England are admitted to hospital after slipping on snow and ice. Many serious injuries occur when homeowners slip on their own property. According to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA), many homeowners suffer falls on their own driveways.

In Wolverhampton, efforts are underway to help homeowners reduce the risk of a nasty fall this winter. Jet Wash Seal, a specialist exterior cleaning company, is leading the way. It is urging Wolverhampton homeowners to follow important safety advice to protect themselves during extreme weather.

A Jet Wash Seal spokesman said: “In 2014/15 alone, more than 2,900 people were admitted to hospital in England because they slipped on ice or snow. Hospital Episode Statistics clearly show that homeowners need to be doing more to protect themselves from serious injury during wintry weather.”

Wolverhampton driveways a winter hazard

As well as advising homeowners to get their driveways professionally cleaned to remove dangerous debris such as weeds, moss and algae, Jet Wash Seal is echoing some of RoSPA’s additional safety advice.

“Moss, algae and weeds are a real magnet for ice in the winter and should always be professionally removed before the temperatures plummet,” said the Jet Wash Seal spokesman. “Even though a driveway, once cleaned and treated with grit, should stay clear of ice, homeowners should take extra precautions when using their driveways in winter.”

Top winter safety advice for homeowners

Jet Wash Seal says sturdy footwear with a good grip should always be worn and that homeowners should take care not to rush when getting in or out of the car.

“It is better to be out in the cold for a few seconds longer than rush and suffer a serious injury,” said the spokesman. “At Jet Wash Seal, we take our customers’ health extremely seriously. That is why we are urging them to prepare their driveways now for potentially hazardous conditions.”

In the event of heavy snow, Jet Wash Seal says Wolverhampton homeowners should follow RoSPA advice and limit the number of times they go out. The elderly, frail or those with limited mobility are advised to ask a friend or neighbour to fetch shopping. In cases where a homeowner has to leave the house, Jet Wash Seal says they should plan a safe route and avoid areas that have not been cleared of snow and gritted.

Homeowners should also take care to wipe their feet before entering a home to prevent slips and falls indoors.

Call Jet Wash Seal before winter sets in

Jet Wash Seal cleans and seals block paved driveways. It also carries out pressure washing and refurbishment work on imprinted concrete, tarmac and traditional paving slabs.

To find out more about Jet Wash Seal’s winter services for Wolverhampton homeowners, visit, email or call 01902 655 499/07754 405 080.

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