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How to Prepare Your Wolverhampton Garden for Spring

How to Prepare Your Wolverhampton Garden for Spring Wolverhampton-garden-maintenance-Hedge-cutting

Wolverhampton garden maintenance. Grass and Hedge cutting

 Wolverhampton garden maintenance 2018


Jet Wash Seal, introduced a blooming great service to make your Wolverhampton garden maintenance a breeze at any time of the year. Available to residential and commercial customers in Wolverhampton and the surrounding area, our professional and courteous garden maintenance service has been developed with you in mind.


For many property owners, spring presents unique challenges. Gardens can pose a headache, especially if winter weather has been particularly cold or windy. Damaged lawns, overgrown hedges and messy borders can spoil the appearance of the garden. And if you are busy, elderly or have mobility problems, getting outdoors and digging in to put things right can prove impossible.


Get a great looking lawn in Wolverhampton


At Jet Wash Seal, we know how to bring a patchy-looking lawn back up to scratch. As well as offering a lawn mowing and strimming service, we can also re-turf lawns – giving your garden a completely new lease of life.


Our lawn care service is available to both residential and commercial customers. Jet Wash Seal is happy to carry out one-off or regular garden maintenance tasks. Homeowners, in particular, find our service especially useful in the spring and summer months. Regular grass cutting can take the hassle out of summer garden care. Talk to a member of our team to find out more.


Keep hedges under control

Overgrown hedges don’t just make a garden look untidy, they are the root of many neighbour disputes and can even cause accidents. If a hedge in your garden is overgrown, you should consider having it trimmed back well before summer. If left untended, a hedge can quickly become unmanageable. This is especially the case for box hedge, laurel and leylandii plants which are commonly used for screening.


Branches from an overgrown hedge can pose a serious trip hazard. This is particularly important to note if you have a hedge that is close to public footpaths, driveways and patio areas. And it is not just injury the owners of overgrown hedges should worry about. If someone is injured as a result of your negligence, you could find yourself in court. Jet Wash Seal offers a cost-effective hedge trimming service to help homeowners and businesses stay on top of fast-growing hedges.


Everything in your garden could be rosy, thanks to Jet Wash Seal. Find out more about our one-off and regular garden maintenance services by visiting


Alternatively, call Jet Wash Seal on 01902 655 499.

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