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Winter Decking Care for Wolverhampton Homeowners

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Homeowner who invested in decking

Winter Decking Care

Lifestyle living trends have prompted many homeowners in Wolverhmapton to extend their homes to the great outdoors. Thousands have achieved this by adding attractive-looking decking to their gardens. Suitable for a variety of purposes, this cost-effective and easy-to-install home improvement is extremely versatile – but dangerous if left neglected.

Jet Wash Seal, Wolverhampton’s leading professional exterior cleaning company, says overlooking decking can have serious cost and health consequences. In winter, it doesn’t take snow or ice to turn decking into a hazard. A simple drop of rain on a poorly maintained surface can cause major slips and falls.


Maintaining wooden decking in Wolverhampton

In order to last, wooden decking must be properly maintained. Jet Wash Seal says: “Cleaning should be a pivotal part of decking maintenance. In fact, it is where maintenance starts.

“As well as regularly sweeping decking, wood should be properly cleaned to remove moss, leaves and algae. Neglecting to clean decking in the run-up to winter can expose homeowners to really serious potential hazards. Trips and falls are increasingly common on slippery decking – as accident statistics show.

“More than 2,900 people suffer slips and falls outdoors every winter and many of these accidents occur on homeowners’ own properties. Decking is an increasing danger, because of its popularlity.”

Winter care for decking

Park and holiday home owners, as well as homeowners, should ensure their decking is cleaned and treated regularly. In winter, when decking is at its most vulnerable, the cleaning process should be undertaken the moment a potential hazard is spotted.

Jet Wash Seal says many homeowners are tempted to cover up their decking when temperatures drop. However, the spokesman warns: “Wood must be allowed to breathe. Keeping your decking covered poses additional slip risks but also encourages damaging compensation to form which can rot the wood.”


Help for Wolverhampton decking owners

Jet Wash Seal provides a first-class pressure washing service. It is especially suited to decking, removing all potential hazards quickly and safely – without damaging wood.

As well as keeping decking safe and well-maintained, Jet Wash Seal’s exterior cleaning service ensures decking looks its best all year round.

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Are you a homeowner in Wolverhampton who has invested in decking? Take action now to keep yourself safe and your decking well-maintained. Contact Jet Wash Seal to find out more about its professional decking cleaning service.

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