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Employing a Window Cleaner

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keeping windows clean is a chore

The average home has over 25 windows

keeping them all clean is a chore that can take a lot of hours and energy. Cleaning windows well is not as easy as it sounds and there are many home cleaning services that won’t even touch windows because they’re so difficult.

That’s why if you’re looking to hire someone to clean your windows it’s a good idea to have a list of questions to ask them in order to choose the right one. You would do well to write these down or print them out so that you can just check off your list when a prospective window cleaning service comes to your home and not have to worry about forgetting anything.

In order to be able to compare companies, prices and services its best to get 2 to 4 estimates in writing beforehand.

First and foremost is to ask if they have insurance and also ask them to show you proof. You’ll want to know if the insurance is valid because if someone was to get hurt whilst on your property and they don’t have insurance, you could be liable.

Next, ask if they have any references including names and phone numbers of actual customers that you can call if you wanted to. Ask cleaning plan options too, as far as how often they can come out, as well as if they give you a text or reminder call the evening before they do.

One important fact to check, especially if you have windows that can only be reached by a ladder, is whether they use devices to protect their safety and your home from damage. Speaking of safety, you should also make sure that they follow Working at Height Restrictions 2005″ health and safety guidelines.

You also will want to ask about exactly what your new window cleaning service will and will not clean. There’s a big difference between only cleaning the glass and cleaning the entire window including the sill and frame.

You will also want to know what type of cleaning method they are going to use. Will it be a mop and bucket using ladders or will they use a water fed pole? It’s also preferable that they use hot water because let’s face it, you wouldn’t wash your dishes with cold water and you shouldn’t have your windows washed with it either.

Knowing what type of operation the window cleaning company are running is also vital. Is it a one-person operation with someone who shows up in casual clothes or is it a well-run team or professional individual with professional vehicles, signage, and uniforms?

Once you have asked all of these questions you should have all of the information that you need to successfully choose an excellent window cleaning service, one that will show up on time, do an excellent job and leave your windows sparkling clean every time.

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